The Founding Members of CADA are Margaret Hardy and Diane DiSalvo of AudioVision, Inc.; Kathleen O’Neil of the La Jolla Playhouse; San Diego Opera and Broadway San Diego; Angela Kanish of the San Diego Opera; Jolie Mason of the Los Angeles Radio Reading Service (LARRS); Rick Boggs of Audio Eyes; Deborah Lewis of Arts Access Now; and Teri Grossman of Audio Description Los Angeles.

Founders Bios

Margaret Hardy is President of AudioVision, Inc. founded by Gregory Frazier in 1972. While working with the American Musical Theater of San Jose, she invited Gregory to introduce description there. She continues his work at AudioVision since his death in 1998. Margaret has also served as a board member of Audio Description International, raising funds, raising awareness, and constantly advocating for description.

Diane Disalvo was trained by Gregory in the early 1990s in his method of scripted description. While serving as a member of the Audio Description International Board, Diane was a member of their committee to formulate standards. A seasoned describer and trainer of describers, Diane is currently Manager of AudioVision.

Angela Kanish serves as Associate Director of Education for San Diego Opera. Prior to her work with San Diego Opera, she worked with the Non–Traditional Casting Project in New York City, an advocacy organization seeking to increase access by performers of color and with disabilities in theater, film, and television. Upon moving to San Diego in 1997, she and her husband Bob discovered audio description led by Shari Lyon at La Jolla Playhouse and were thrilled when the Civic Theater purchased the equipment to make it possible for San Diego Opera. Angela approached several volunteers to provide audio description and in 2002 the program began at the Civic Theater. Use of the service at the Civic has increased each season since, and San Diego Opera is pleased to offer this form of outreach to its patrons.

Kathleen O’Neil was trained in early 2000 by Shari Lyon and provides description for the San Diego Opera, La Jolla Playhouse, and Broadway San Diego. Kathleen brings a rich musical background to her work, having sung opera for 20 years, and has developed guidelines for opera description. She also volunteers extensively for the educational outreach programs of the San Diego Opera and as a reader for the past 6 years at local radio reading service KPBS.

Jolie Mason served two terms on the WGBH National Consumers Advisory Board to develop the standards for video description. She founded and serves as the Project Director for the Los Angeles Radio Reading Service, and brought description to Los Angeles in 1994 with a live description of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Rose Parade. She can be heard weekly on Access Unlimited, a radio show she co–hosts which covers news, issues, and events relating to disabilities on station KPFK FM Los Angeles.

Rick Boggs is a music producer, voice over artist, actor, and audio engineer. He also served on the advisory board for WGBH’s DVS. He founded a video description company, We See TV in 1999, which has broadcast over 60 movies with description on Fox and ABC, as well as Seasons Five, Six, Seven and Eight of “That ’70’s Show”, Season One of “Blind Justice”, and Season Seven of “Malcolm in the Middle.” He produced the description on Fox Home Entertainment’s DVD release of “Daredevil”, advancing progress toward inclusion of description on standard commercial pressings of movie titles. His commitment to delivering quality description to visually impaired consumers spawned a policy within his company that every described product is reviewed by persons with vision impairments. He was commended by the State of California for ground breaking employment practices, hiring visually impaired individuals and persons with other disabilities as writers, voice over artists, and audio engineers. Rick is currently President of Audio Eyes, a provider of audio description.

Deborah Lewis began her description career in Ohio in 1988 with training by Alan Woods, who was in turn trained by the Pfansteihls. She then brought description to the State of Georgia through her work with Special Audiences in Atlanta. Deborah previously served as Executive Director of the Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation on California. She provides training for describers nationwide. She began and provides description at the Rubicon Theater in Ventura. A regular participant of the Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability Conferences, Deborah and Teri presented a training session “Train the Trainers” at the 2005 LEAD Conference in Arizona. Deborah’s current endeavor is Arts Access Now, for all access needs.

Teri Grossman began as a volunteer at LARRS. She was trained in audio description by Deborah Lewis and with fellow describer, JC O’Connell, formed Audio Description Los Angeles. ADLA has gone on to describe fine art exhibits, the audio described tour of the Aquarium of the Pacific and at theaters throughout the southland. In 2002, she joined We See TV as its first video describer. She apprenticed her son, Micah, in description and with he and Rick taught a series of description writing courses through the Media Access Office (MAD), an organization founded by the California Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities and administered by the State Employment Development Department.